Title :Professional Psychological Counselling Centre
URL : http://www.ppccbatti.com
Discretion: The Professional psychological Counselling Centre was started in 1993. It was registered with Divisional Secretariat – Manmunai North (Reg. No: MN/DS /SS/11). Batticaloa community was severely traumatized because of 30 years of war and other natural disasters. Many Non- governmental Organizations came to empower this in-need community. Medical, educational, employment, housing and other social needs were attended to, by different organizations. A very important need was neglected for our community. To fulfill this need is a challenge, for, to respond to this need, expert training was needed. Because of the war situation, trauma was very much present. More than 26% experienced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, 18% suffered from unresolved grief. 18% suffered from depression. Fr. Paul Satkunanayagam, S.J., a Jesuit trained in India, Italy and USA holding triple Master Degrees in Counselling Psychology, Career Guidance and Education and Theology, took the initiative to respond to this need, because he is a licensed Psychological Counsellor trained in Loyola University and St. Louis University, U.S.A. His numerous participation in mental health and counselling seminars and more than 30years experience in this trauma environment, make him eligible for this professional task. In 1993, he started doing counselling for torture survivors, tortured by military and militant groups. Then he looked for an infrastructure and started the Professional Psychological Counselling Centre in 1993. With experience obtained from counselling the Torture survivors, Fr. Paul expanded his counselling services to other emotionally disabled people in depression, people with suicidal tendencies, alcoholically addicted people, emotionally and behaviourally deviant children, and negative self- image adolescents, dysfunctioning families and disoriented couples. He started the Professional Psychological Counselling Centre with the objective of bringing healing to traumatized people and this innovative work has been very impactful for the healing of people. Now the Professional Psychological counselling centre is administered by a Board with Fr. Paul Satkunanayagam, S.J., Psychological Counsellor (MA, M.Ed.) as the Director – PPCC.


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